To 0.0 corporations:

We are just on jump away from you...
This well-known citation of Wormholes Corporation could not be more true. One day in Curse, the other in Providence we can move quickly from one K-Space to another.
Do you need a wormhole route to the high-security space from the high-end of Null security space? Are you looking for wormholes components for your local T3 production? Or any others services that a wormhole corporation could offer you ?
Just contact us! We are always ready to close a fair deal.

To wormholes corporations:

You need support in your wormhole? You are suffering an unjust eviction from K-Space Corporation?
Feel free to contact us and we will help if the circumstances are matching our code of conduct.

Fly safe.

Azmya Nakamura, CEO AlphaHydrae